Star Trek Into Darkness

With every new trailer, poster and interview the crew of the USS Enterprise tease us senseless. They play with our hopes and spurt out just enough information to keep us wanting more. And yet, in truth, it’s a game we’re all too happy to play.

The new international trailer is no different with plenty of tidbits, more than a few red herrings and our only question left unanswered; is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan Noonien Singh?????

For those of you who might not know Khan was a relic of the eugenics wars, a sad reminder of humanity’s less than stellar past in the Star Trek universe. A genetically engineered superhuman from India that controlled a quarter of the Earth before escaping into space towards the end of the war. Originally appearing on the Star Trek series episode “Space Seed”, played by Ricardo Montalban, he later made the move to the big screen in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (widely considered – well, at the very least by me – to be the best Trek movie).

The secrecy has given the movie plenty of buzz and could quite possibly be an ingenious marketing ploy which will have fans of the series and movies running to theaters in droves. Everyone loves a good mystery. Even the cast by the sounds of it.

“Benedict doesn’t even know who he’s playing,” joked Damon Lindelof one of the trio that penned the script for the movie. A joke that’ll keep Bad Robot Productions and its partners laughing all the way to the bank come May 17th.

Watch the new trailer below.



“I am better,” he tells Kirk.

“At what?”

“At everything.”

He sure exhibits the arrogance of Khan.

Like I said, in truth we’re happy to play the game and not know the truth. There’s a reason they’re called spoilers. We should give our thanks to Mr Abrams for two things; the tantalizing mystery surrounding Cumberbatch’s character and…this:


Star Trek Into Darkness  opens May 17


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