Pepper Potts Suits Up

It’s Pepper Potts to the rescue!

After three movies Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) finally makes her way into an Iron Man suit. The latest TV spot for Iron Man 3 shows Potts suiting up mid-air (quite impressive for her first time) and saving Tony’s life during the all-too-familiar destruction of his cliff-side home. Watch it below.


Rumors about Potts wearing the suit were confirmed days ago by Paltrow herself during an interview in which she said:

I didn’t mind wearing the suit. I thought it was light and perfectly comfortable and my children thought it was extremely cool.

We can only assume the inevitable fourth installment will see Tony’s bodyguard Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) don an Iron Man suit himself. I mean, everyone in the family’s got one, why not him.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has previously indicated that the entire movie is really about the love triangle between “Tony, Pepper and the suits”. Of course, this isn’t to downplay the Mandarin’s part in the movie – Ben Kinglsey certainly isn’t (that voice is a little over the top, don’t you think?).

The second new TV spot focuses more on the revenge aspect of the movie. No love here. And nothing new either. Watch it below.


Iron Man 3 will be partly based on Warren Ellis’ six-issue Extremis storyline involving the use of nanotech which once injected into a subject greatly enhanced their abilities, somewhat like a super soldier serum for the 21st century. In the movie, as in the comic, the nanotech is developed by Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) and Maya Hansen (Rebecca Hall).

To learn more about Extremis and how the supporting characters factor into the movie head over to Screen Rant. Their rather informative transcript of a Q&A session has Feige explaining in detail all of the above. Some mild spoilers may ensue though.

Gwyneth in Vogue back in 2008 for the first Iron Man. Pictures by Steven Klein.

Iron Man 3 will be released on April 26 in the UK and May 3 in the US


Star Trek Into Darkness

With every new trailer, poster and interview the crew of the USS Enterprise tease us senseless. They play with our hopes and spurt out just enough information to keep us wanting more. And yet, in truth, it’s a game we’re all too happy to play.

The new international trailer is no different with plenty of tidbits, more than a few red herrings and our only question left unanswered; is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Khan Noonien Singh?????

For those of you who might not know Khan was a relic of the eugenics wars, a sad reminder of humanity’s less than stellar past in the Star Trek universe. A genetically engineered superhuman from India that controlled a quarter of the Earth before escaping into space towards the end of the war. Originally appearing on the Star Trek series episode “Space Seed”, played by Ricardo Montalban, he later made the move to the big screen in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan (widely considered – well, at the very least by me – to be the best Trek movie).

The secrecy has given the movie plenty of buzz and could quite possibly be an ingenious marketing ploy which will have fans of the series and movies running to theaters in droves. Everyone loves a good mystery. Even the cast by the sounds of it.

“Benedict doesn’t even know who he’s playing,” joked Damon Lindelof one of the trio that penned the script for the movie. A joke that’ll keep Bad Robot Productions and its partners laughing all the way to the bank come May 17th.

Watch the new trailer below.



“I am better,” he tells Kirk.

“At what?”

“At everything.”

He sure exhibits the arrogance of Khan.

Like I said, in truth we’re happy to play the game and not know the truth. There’s a reason they’re called spoilers. We should give our thanks to Mr Abrams for two things; the tantalizing mystery surrounding Cumberbatch’s character and…this:


Star Trek Into Darkness  opens May 17

Iron Man 3: Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?

From the very first second of the trailer we realise that Jon Favreau is no longer guiding us through the Iron Man mythos – he’s left us in the brilliant hands of Shane Black – and that this is not the world we once we knew. This is a world post-Avengers; post-apocolaypse. A world in which Tony Stark only barely survived a near brush with death. A world where the extrovert will look within himself for answers. And finally, Tony will realise the true ramifications of his hubris at the end of the first movie.

When everyone knows your secret there’s no place to hide.



Black and Downey worked previously together on the brilliant Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and I expect this time round it’ll be much of the same – a sly mix of roguish charm and weighted gravitas but mostly that roguish charm.

The official synopsis (below) is one of those interesting pieces of writing that uses broad/general descriptions to make you think you’ve learnt quite a bit about the movie but actually leaves you even less informed than you were before. Much like this blog. However, allow me to lay out a short list of facts, and pure speculation, for you (SPOILERS may ensue if you haven’t seen Marvel’s phase one of movies but what are the chances of that?).

1. Tony is in deep shit (duh!). “Nothing’s been the same since New York,” he says in the trailer. And this would be a reference to the hell storm that rained down on the big apple during the climax of The Avengers. The man can’t sleep and when he does he has nightmares. So, in the trailer when we see an Iron Man suit grab Pepper Pots while Tony is next to her is that a nightmare? Probably. A little cliche and that’s not Black’s style but still possible.

2. Early reports indicated that the third installment would be based on Warren Ellis’ Extremis arc which saw a group of scientists supply nanotech to terrorist that could greatly enhance their abilities. Guy Pearce and Rebecca Hall will be playing these unscrupulous scientists Aldrich Killian and Maya Hansen respectively. Of course, this doesn’t mean Pearce’s and Hall’s character will be just as unscrupulous in the movie.

3. The Iron Man suit in red, white and blue is in fact War Machine (the silver suit from the second movie that Rhodes stole from Stark). Well, the US army has had it for awhile and apparently went all patriotic on it. The scene in the trailer could possibly be a test for the brass to check out how their modified stolen tech is doing (looks a lot les bulkier than in the second movie. Also, images below).

4. Ben Kingsley is the Mandarin. Not the chinese exile that discovered ten magical rings in the wreckage of an alien ship but rather a terrorist (I think).  Those of you paying attention will remember that the Ten Rings were the terrorist group that kidnapped Stark in the first movie and helped out Whiplash in the sequel. So the man pulling all the strings from the shadows has finally stepped into the light.

(Images via Collider)

The official synopsis:

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters May 3, 2013

New Gangster Squad trailer

Now with 100% less theater shootings and 50% more family friendly gun violence. I’m assuming there is such a thing.
Following the July Aurora shooting Gangster Squad changed its release date to January, removed the theater shooting that took place in the original print and reshot a few scenes. We’ll probably have to wait a few years to see what impact the new scenes have on the movie but the trailer is looking sharp. While Ryan Gosling took up most of the trailer much of its gravitas came from Nolte (Who’s looking more like The Thing from Fantastic Four these days. Just scary.) and Penn (who’s in a league of scary of his own). Brolin was almost missable. However, I trust we’ll see more of him in the movie.




In theaters January 11

New Lincoln trailer: Unite

The new trailer for Lincoln came on the heels of the first Presidential debate. While the nation looked to their candidates for guidance and strength of conviction Spielberg threw us back to a time when the man who held the highest office in the land lit a bright new future for America through the strength of his convictions.



Warner Bros released the trailer for their latest bio pic today. The two minute teaser for 42 based on the life of Jackie Robinson, the first man to break the colour line in baseball, will tug at your heart strings if not those to your wallet. Still, it’s hard to tell the quality of the movie, after all, anything would look good passing by in quick flashes, emotional one liners and set to a Jay Z soundtrack. It’s pedigree isn’t telling us anything either. Written and directed by Brian Helgeland best known for receiving an Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for L.A Confidential and a Razzie for worst adapted screenplay for The Postman in the same year. His only other previous directing gigs were A Knight’s Tale and Payback (from which he got fired). Still, the first trailer looks good so here’s hoping the movie turns out the same.

Chadwick Boseman will play Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford, in an unusual stint in a non-Indiana Jones role that doesn’t involve his family being kidnapped, will play Branch Rickey, the Dodger’s general manager and the man that first signed on Jackie.

The movie also stars Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni and T. R. Knight.



In theaters April 12, 2013