Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

(via Collider)

Romantic comedies are a genre long since devoid of creativity and originality which is what makes Crazy Stupid Love remarkable. While the movie flirts with cliché it never truly crosses over with directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (I Love You Phillip Morris) daringly walking that razors edge without blinking.

Steve Carrel plays Cal Weaver an unfashionable 40-something who’s slept with only one woman. That would be Emily (Julian Moore) his wife who’s tired of being taken for granted so much so that she sleeps with co-worker David Lindhagen (the ever reliable Kevin Bacon seeming to find his niche as a douche these days) and promptly kicks Cal to the curb. From the ashes of Cal’s crumbling world rises Jacob Palmer (the comically apt Ryan Gosling – apparently omnipresent in 2011), a smooth talking and Old Fashion drinking player of the highest calibre. You see where this is going – or do you? Like I said it flirts with cliché. While Miyagi-ing Cal Jacob falls for hard to get Hannah (the beautiful Emma Stone) and like cream the love and the crazy rise to the surface.

This touching story of first love, lasting love and all the loves in between is a cut above. Don’t let the title fool you there is nothing stupid about this movie.


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