Warner Bros released the trailer for their latest bio pic today. The two minute teaser for 42 based on the life of Jackie Robinson, the first man to break the colour line in baseball, will tug at your heart strings if not those to your wallet. Still, it’s hard to tell the quality of the movie, after all, anything would look good passing by in quick flashes, emotional one liners and set to a Jay Z soundtrack. It’s pedigree isn’t telling us anything either. Written and directed by Brian Helgeland best known for receiving an Academy Award for best adapted screenplay for L.A Confidential and a Razzie for worst adapted screenplay for The Postman in the same year. His only other previous directing gigs were A Knight’s Tale and Payback (from which he got fired). Still, the first trailer looks good so here’s hoping the movie turns out the same.

Chadwick Boseman will play Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford, in an unusual stint in a non-Indiana Jones role that doesn’t involve his family being kidnapped, will play Branch Rickey, the Dodger’s general manager and the man that first signed on Jackie.

The movie also stars Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni and T. R. Knight.



In theaters April 12, 2013


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