More promo material from The Dark Knight Rises

UPDATE: The third TV spot finally found its way online and in HD. That mischievous little rascal.

Well, it seems yesterday two new TV spots aired for TDKR. The third TV spot, which aired during the NASCAR race, has not found its way online as yet (at least not in any decent quality let alone HD) and had Lucius (Morgan Freeman) showing Bruce (Chrisitan Bale) some new toys with Bruce constantly replying “I’m retired”. This ties in with the 4th TV spot (shown below) with Alfred (Michael Caine) telling a contemplative Bruce “you’re no longer Batman”. Keep in mind that Nolan’s final installment of his Batman trilogy takes place 8 years after the events of The Dark Knight but that doesn’t necessarily have to explain Alfred’s proclomation.





Additionaly two new banners have been released. The second one gives you a better look at Catwoman. From the set visit material released we know that, like Batman, everything she wears is functional including the heels which can be/are used as weapons. Also, Christopher Nolan revelead to Empire Magazine that nowhere in the script is she actually referred to as Catwoman (there will also be no mention of the Joker). However, she is a cat burglar, “She’s a bit of a con-woman, something of a grifter. A hard-edged kind of criminal,” says Nolan.

Images via SHH

The latest issue of Empire Magazine also has a few stills from the movie (two of which can be found below). (Possible SPOILERS ahead) In the second still we see Selina Kyle (a.k.a Catwoman) in prison orange. This corresponds to what we were told from the set visit material that she was seen in handcuffs while in street clothes. I don’t think it would be too much of a leap to say this scene follows that. Also, for a fraction of a second in the final trailer, at about 1 minute 50 seconds, we see someone in prison orange using another prisoner’s arm to do a somersault and now seeing this picture of Selina Kyle I’d say it was her. But it’s far too short to even speculate whether she’s just showing off or trying to escape.

Images from the latest issue of Empire Magazine (via Collider)

The first still with Bruce and Alfred is where my rampant speculation comes into play. As I mentioned in an earlier post I think Bane will kick Batman’s ass in the Batcave and then banish Bruce Wayne to a foreign prison. I assume the above still is from after his escape from said prison. In some of the TV spots and trailers we see Bruce climbing up a wide shaft (about 17 seconds into the above TV spot) which I assume is the only way in and out of the prison (the last TV spot showed a bunch of men coming down the same shaft, men I assume to be Bane’s minions/the League of Shadows). Now out, sporting a moustache and goatie (he has a full beard about 14 seconds into the above TV spot), and using a cane he looks weaker, his face more haggard (of course this could just be my imagination which is quite likely the case).

Finally, if you’re wondering the name of the vehicle Batman was flying at the end of the third trailer it’s called “The Bat”.

The Legend Ends July 20.


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