The Dark Knight Rises set visits and my brief chronology

(via Batman-News)

The embargo on The Dark Knight Rises set visits was lifted today and Batman-News has been kind enough to round them all up in one neat little package to save all you eager beavers the time. But I wouldn’t have high hopes. The interviews offer little if at all anything and most of the observations have already been confirmed by trailers, TV spots and promo art.

However, there are a few titbits of note. (Possible SPOILERS) Bane’s big entrance will be during the football scene we’ve all seen in the trailers. He introduces himself to Gotham by threatening their lives with an as yet unnamed device described as “huge metallic balls” (insert joke here). The scene is likely to take place towards the end of the first act. Also, it seems assassins from the League of Shadows (Ra’s Al Ghul‘s shadowy organisation from Batman Begins) will be working with/for Bane (could Ra’s be pulling the strings?).

We can also expect to see the Batcave. Now, the description of it is what makes this info interesting. The Batcave is described as having its floor covered in water and a ramp that leads to a single desk. We’ve already seen something like this in the trailer it’s where Bane and Batman fight in some underground sewage plant-type place with water falling from the walls.

Is this the Batcave? (via Screenrant)

Assuming I’m correct here’s my theory: Batman gets his ass handed to him in the Batcave by Bane in front of Catwoman. The photo below shows Catwoman behind Batman and in the trailer we’re shown, for the briefest moment, that Batman is in fact facing Bane at this point. Then later, with horror and fear in her eyes, Catwoman steps away from the mesh door (a hand can be seen in lower left portion of the frame). And of course there’s that scene with Bane dropping Batman’s mask and the set still clearly similar to the two photos. That’s my chronology of events.

Batman faces Bane

Of course if I were to extrapolate (from my already wild speculation) I’d say the next scene is where Bruce asks Bane why he didn’t just kill him. And if you notice that in the background of that scene (with Bane facing the camera) there are prison bars (the set visits confirm that this is in fact a prison set but not an American prison). This dovetails into the prison scene we see in the second trailer.

(via Collider)

Finally, the three tumblers which were seen in leaked photos will be used in the movie’s climax. Each will have a different weapon mounted on it (not sure if they’ll portray one tumbler or three different ones). I would also venture a guess that Bane controls the tumblers, mainly because there’s a poster of him standing on one but also because the second trailer shows the cannon on the tumbler firing explosive ammunition and Batman is all about non-lethal force when it comes to weapons.

Nolan is set to debut exclusive new footage at the MTV Movie Awards on June 3.

TDKR hits theaters July 20.


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