The Dark Knight Rises: Two new TV spots and seven new images

The new TDKR TV spot that played during the Idol finale featured some new footage. Infinitely different from last week’s NBA playoffs TV spot. A second TV spot, this time focusing on Catwoman, aired during Modern Family. Also, new stills of the movie have landed online which makes this the third consecutive day Warner Bros has released images for their upcoming summer blockbuster. All signs point to them pushing their campaign into high gear ahead of the movie’s July 20 opening and now that The Avengers‘ dominance of the news is begining to die down.

Spidey is also upping the ante with a six minute preview of The Amazing Spiderman attached to the midnight screenings of MIB3 in IMAX 3D this Thursday. No news yet as to whether this will be similar to the four minute super preview (which only contained 90 secs of new footage added to a previously released trailer) that aired last week.





Images from Collider (via

Not pictured above is  Gotham’s commissioner Gordon. The Wrap reports that Gary Oldman. has already made plans for after the legend ends this summer. Oldman has signed on to MGM’s  remake of Robocop to play the scientist that creates the half man, half machine law enforcer. Joel Kinnaman of TV’s The Killing will play the eponymous cyborg a role originated by Peter Weller. Incidentally, Weller is signed to voice Batman in Warner Bros upcoming animation The Dark Knight Returns. Quite a cross over of actors. Robocop is set for a August 9, 2013 release.


3 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises: Two new TV spots and seven new images

  1. Hmmmm is the end of Batman? Not if Warner Bros execs have seen the money made by the Avengers! I smell Justice League… 😉

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