OSCORP’s animal dynamics lab

Just finished the latest puzzle released on the OSCROP site. They’re mildly amusing and aren’t too easy, which is good, and stick with the whole chemistry theme. Seems The Amazing Spiderman marketing team release the new games on Monday. Only one more left so check that out next week. This week it was “Molecular Nesting”. Completed all 16 phases and ended up with this:

Haven’t been able to decipher it as yet. Could the shapes correspond to molecules (would certainly fit with the theme) but then what of the letters? The periodic table doesn’t have an element that’s identified as “E” or “L” alone.

Last week’s puzzle resulted in this:

Even more cryptic. Certainly the man to ask about these would be @ScaleSeeker but he seems to be mum on the subject at the moment. We’ll have to see if next week’s puzzle will shed more light on the matter.


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