The Amazing Spiderman super preview

Much like Marvel released clip after clip after clip of their tentpole superhero flick The Avengers you can be sure Sony will be doing something similar with The Amazing Spiderman. The super preview (which actually only holds about 90 seconds of new footage and two and a half minutes of a previously released trailer) aired during last night’s America’s Got Talent.




Sony has sandwiched its tentpole offering for the summer between two titans and as talk about The Avengers begins to die down (but not fast enough for Sony I’d imagine as the movie continues to soar at the box office and the interverse is a twitter with talk about sequels, the two secret movies Marvel has planned and the big baddie that turns up during the end credits) the studio will hope to quickly create buzz about Spidie before the July 3 release. They’ll have to move fast if they want to capitalize on the two weekends they have to themselves at the box office before The Dark Knight Rises opens in theaters.


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