The Amazing Spiderman viral campaign


In the age of social media it seems common practice now for studios to organise quasi-grassroot viral campaigns around their tentpole offerings. We saw it with The Dark Knight Rises last month. Batman related graffiti popped up around the world and citizens who located, photographed and uploaded them to twitter were rewarded with a single frame of the new trailer.

Last week saw The Amazing Spiderman join in on the fun. Using the handle @ScaleSeeker someone’s been tweeting clues that put people on the trail of The Lizard a.k.a Dr Curt Conners (Rhys Ifans). People are encouraged to post pics of what they find to twitter using the #Lizardtrail or email them to 

Eventually the clues led fans to the OSCORP webiste and a recruitment video by Dr Conners.




The weird shapes at the bottom of the page, vageuly suggestive of a DNA double helix, were revealed on the 12th to be the word ‘MUTAGEN’ when collapsed and linked to a new featurette about The Lizard.




With The Amazing Spiderman hitting theaters on July 3 the OSCORP website is likely to have a few more easter eggs in store for eager fans and @ScaleSeeker may just be the gatekeeper of those easter eggs.


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