Second Avengers’ post-credit scene

Avengers is a fan’s wet dream. Just wanted to get that out of the way. has reported that the second post-credit scene for The Avengers will see the superhero team enjoying some shwarma post-battle following a comment Tony Stark made earlier. The scene is likely exclusive to US screenings of the movie as the screening in Australia certainly didn’t have it.

Now, what thoughts on the guy in the mid-post-credit (that’s what it’s called right?) scene? Here’s my opinion: it’s Thanos. Which, if it is, means Whedon isn’t going to get his “…smaller. More personal. More painful.” sequel. Well, he’ll get the more painful bit, Thanos will make sure of that.

Thanos, Consort of Death

Thanos, Consort of Death (Photo credit: ElDave)

Avengers Assemble!


2 thoughts on “Second Avengers’ post-credit scene

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