The Avengers’ new TV spots and new images from Expendables 2 and The Amazing Spiderman

The Avengers vol. 2, #11 (Sept. 1997), showing...

The Avengers vol. 2, #11 (Sept. 1997), showing the Heroes Reborn Avengers. Cover art by Michael Ryan and Sal Regla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marvel’s released two new TV spots for The Avengers. The movie, following previous Marvel release strategies, opened in international markets last Wednesday and has grossed $73.1 million in its first 3 days. And according to’s presale data The Avengers is pre-selling more tickets for the upcoming May 4th US release than all 5 previous Marvel movies combined. Analysts’ belief that the movie will do ‘big business’ in the States seem to be confirmed.




Chirs Hemsworth sat down with /Film to discuss his casting as Thor, the action scenes in The Avengers, preparation for Thor 2 and much more. Read the interview here. You can read Kevin Feige‘s interview here.

Meanwhile, Fox CEO Tom Rothman has confirmed that Chronicle director Josh Trank will be involved in the development of a Fantastic Four reboot but has not been confirmed to direct although he did leave the possibility open.

Also, new images of The Expendables 2 (via

And The Amazing Spiderman (via Collider):


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