Avengers on the Horizon

(via Collider originally from IMAX's facebook page)

With only a week left (those in the UK, however, will be able to see it from today) before the release of The Avengers histeria is likely through the roof. IMAX is offerring limited edition posters to fans who plan to watch the midnight premiere (May 3rd evening) in IMAX 3D. The posters will be available only at participating IMAX theaters. Click here to view a list of participating theaters.

Speaking of posters Mondo, the collectible boutique arm of the Alamo Drafthouse, has released a series of posters depicting each of the Avengers in a sot of retro style. While they look quite cool they’re just a bit out of my price range ($45 each).

(via Collider)

(Artist: Ken Taylor)

(Artist: Phantom City Creative)

(Artist: Martin Ansin)

(Artist: Kevin Tong)




















Collider sat down with Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulder and Joss Whedon to discuss The Avengers. Whedon clears up which alien race Loki was working with and gives advice to Warner Bros on how to get their Justice League movie off the ground (hint: call him). Head over to Collider to read the whole interview and if you missed their earlier interview with Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Chris Hemswort, Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Feige catch it here. There’s a story about a Scarlette Johansson and half naked men in a hot tub.

Also, Apple hosted a Q&A with Mark Ruffalo and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige last Friday. Details are revealed about Marvel’s other adaptations (Ant-MAn, Black Panther and Luke Cage) and it’s confirmed that Mark Ruffalo will not appear in Iron Man 3. The interview is available as video or audio from iTunes or you can watch it here.

Meanwhile, Scarlette Johansson has confirmed in an interview that Black Widow will not be appearing in Iron Man 3 either. However, she does suggest the possibility of the ex-KGB superspy of getting her own movie. “I personally think there’s an awesome Black Widow movie in there that is a Bourne type of film,” she said. “It would be totally awesome.”

Marvel’s new Black Widow featurette (via Marvel.com)


“It’s a story about people who really have no business being in a movie together…” – Joss Whedon.



“We’re not a team, we’re a time bomb.” – Bruce Banner.



And that time bomb is set to go off in 7 days, are you ready for it?


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