Mel Gibson attempts a comeback with Get the Gringo



The action comedy that sees Mel Gibson somehow get a bunch of money, crash through the Mexican border, lose his money and end up in prison, has been on the shelf for the past two years. This doesn’t necessarily speak to the quality of the movie.

Shot from a script written by Gibson and Adrian Grunberg the movie was initially called How I Spent My Summer. Grunberg, Gibson’s former first assistant director, was also the director. Much like how the Wachowski’s did with James McTeigue in V for Vendetta the movie will act as a promotion of Grunberg’s talents.

Financed by Gibson Get the Gringo will premiere on DirecTV on May 1st followed by video-on-demand, digital download and blu-ray later this year. This unusual distribution method was worked out through a deal between Gibson’s Icon Productions and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Meanwhile, Gibson is having troubles with another project he’s had lined up for sometime, The Macabees. The movie about the Jewish Macabee revolt in 2nd century B.C has been shelved by Warner Bros. last week. The fallout of which has become the ensuing public feud of words and recordings between Gibson and script writer Joe Ezstherhas.

Following Warner’s decision Ezstherhas wrote Gibson a 9 page letter describing his belief that Gibson had never wanted to make the movie and only wanted to use the movie as a defence to accusations that Gibson was an anti-Semite. Judah Macabee’s victory over the Greek and Syrian armies is celebrated at Hanukkah.

Gibson replied to the letter with one of his own. He called the accusations made in Joe’s letter “utter fabrications” and that the only reason the movie was not going ahead was that both Warner Bros. and himself were disappointed in Joe’s script.

You can read Joe’s letter here and Mel’s one here.

Joe Eszterhas released audio yesterday of a rant Gibson made in December while at his residence in Costa Rica. A trascript and the audio can be found at The Wrap. Gibson shouts and swears while surrrounded by houseguests and knocks over a totem pole. The recording was made on an iPod by Ezsterhas’ son. Ezsterhas justifies the release of it by saying he wanted to respond to Gibson’s contention that he fabricated all or some of his allegations. Gibson is considerring suing Ezsterhas for secretly recording him. TMZ reports that Gibson has people looking at Costa Rican laws to see if his rights have been violated.

While the audio proves Mel Gibson has a violent temper, may even struggle with rage, it does not go to prove that he didn’t want to make the movie. Nor does it disprove Gibson’s greatest allegation that Warner’s passed on the project due to Ezsterhas’ sub-standard script. Gibson doesn’t prove this was Warner’s reason either. Currently, the facts are Warner Bros. isn’t going to make the movie and Mel Gibson has a problem with rage, everything else is ‘he said, she said’.

In other news, The Wrap reports that Mel Gibson wears a mask when going out in public. He has several apparently. The masks are top-notch and make it hard to even tell its Gibson.


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