Arrested Development may see multiple seasons

Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development, leaves the door open for multiple seasons. “We woud love this to be the first of many visits,” he says at the National Association of Broadcasters convention.

The popular sitcom which lasted three seasons was picked up by Netflix last fall for a ten episode fourth season which would culminate in a movie. Filming is set to begin this summer and the series will air during the first half of 2013. Originally Hurwitz had intended each episode to be self-contained and focus on a single character but recently commented that the new season will be much like the old.

Netflix has planned to realease all ten episodes on the same day rather than releasing one each week. Of this he said, “We are embracing the fact that these episodes are being ‘aired,’ so to speak, at the same time. And it is changing our storytelling; we had a lot of secrets that we were planting in storytelling”.


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