New trailer for The Amazing Spiderman



The Amazing Spiderman is certainly going to be an action packed first chapter in Sony’s reboot of the franchise. It seems that while Sam Raimi’s first installment dwelled on Peter’s loss of his guardian uncle Ben Marc Webb will focus on Peter’s daddy issues. With Martin Sheen playing Uncle Ben I wouldn’t want to get rid of him just yet.

Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker seems more adept with the ladies, at least in the trailer and with Gwen that is. Which leaves the question will Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) be around for the next installment? We’ll have to wait till July 3rd to find out.

Meanwhile, Walt Disney Co., the parent company of Marvel Studios, will co-produce Iron Man 3 with Beijing-based DMG Entertainment. The company has previously co-produced Looper the science fiction thriller with a novel premise due to be released on September 28th. In addition to investing in the film the company will handle the co-production process in China and distribute the film in the country. Filming in China will begin in late summer.

With Iron Man 3 using locations in China it brings to question whether the villain Ben Kingsley will portray will in fact be The Mandarin. Reports have persuaded audiences that it will not but that does not stop a loose connection to be made to the villain perhaps in flashback or off screen.

Iron Man 3 hits theatres on May 3, 2013.


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