Bonus Scene filmed for The Avengers

Following the premiere of The Avengers it seems the crew got together and filmed a bonus scene. While this emerged as speculation early on it has been confirmed the scene was in fact filmed. According to Germain Lussier of /Film this would be in addition to the teaser scene already found halfway through the credits. So where would this new scene go? Well, the cast is staying mum for the moment and we’ll have to wait till May 4th to find out. Germain also speculates about the positioning of the new scene but I didn’t venture that far due to possible spoilers. So tread carefully.

Long form reviews of the movie are banned till May 2nd so we’re unlikely to hear any details of it till then but those lucky ones that did get to watch it last week were allowed to tweet their reactions. Peter Sciretta has displayed all the tweets regarding the movie on his post. The crowd sound ecstatic about The Avengers.

Meanwhile, it seems a scene reuniting Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell), the lady he left behind in the first movie, ended up on the cutting room floor. Joss Whedon called it “one of the best scenes” he’s written but had to cut it because it messed with the beat of the movie. The scene would surely have been a heart wrenching bitter-sweet meeting between the still youthful Steve and the aged Peggy. I can only hope it ends up on the Blu Ray special features. With Joss cutting a three hour film down to 135 minutes I’m sure there’ll be plenty of deleted scenes to watch when the Blu Ray comes out.

Update: Joss Whedon has confirmed to Collider that The Avengers Blu Ray/DVD will contain 30 minutes of deleted scenes. The article goes into more detail about the deleted scenes and has clip of the Whedon interview.

Update: The second bonus scene is likely exclusive to US screenings of the movie.


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